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Forwarding company LLC Tirofol
organizes and carries out freight transportation from Moldova and back to the countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe by all types of road transport (tents and all-metal with a volume of 15 to 120 cubic meters, refrigerators and thermal semi-trailers of 86 cubic meters, etc.)
The Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company arranges and carries out the cargo transportations to Moldova and back to the countries of European Union and Eastern Europe by all types of motor vehicles (by tent and all-metal trailers having the volume of 15 to 120 cubic m, by refrigerators and thermal semi-trailers having the volume of 86 cubic m, etc.)

The company offers the following services:

Forwarding and Customs Support
Door-to-Door Transportation of General and Exclusive Cargo
Transportation of Out-of-Gauge and Hazardous Cargo
Multimodal Cargo Transportation
Cargo Express Delivery
The cargo transportation is an integral element of modern world. Tons of various cargos are transported every day from seller to customer. An appropriate type of vehicle, which suits the tasks set, is required in any concrete case. The arrangement of transportation is a quite difficult process requiring certain knowledge, skills and capabilities. Therefore people often resort to the services of companies, which help in cargo forwarding. One of these companies is Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company.

Forwarding is a number of services for door-to-door cargo escorting. When concluding a forwarding service agreement the customer actually transfers all obligations for arrangement and carrying out of cargo transportation to the forwarding agent. The motor transportation, which the forwarding agreement is made for, is often connected to valuable items, cultural property, hazardous or bulky cargo and the preparation of documents in this case requires special forms and arrangements. Being aware of cargo specifications and its peculiarities the forwarding agent chooses the most appropriate type of vehicle. The forwarding agent also has to prepare the supporting documents, to effect insurance and to prepare other necessary documents. Taking into account the periods set by the customer and all nuances referring to loading and shipment the forwarding agent plans the route. When it is necessary to cross borders the agent is engaged in customs clearance and processing. In other words the forwarding agent takes upon itself the obligations of cargo owner, the only difference is that being aware of logistics and transportation elements and having necessary business relations the forwarding agent helps to optimize the whole process.

The professional cargo forwarding helps to arrange the transportation of any cargo within tight deadlines as the cargo forwarding is a component of transport logistics. These are cargo forwarding services, which help the customer to perceive the expression "time is money" in practice. To arrange the cargo delivery quickly and cheaply is a slogan of forwarding agents of Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company.

In case of export-import cargo transportation an issue of customs processing and clearance arises, it becomes often a problem. The Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company will perform the customs clearance for you within a short period of time as our company has a vast experience in border-crossing operations. Our specialists can also give you competent consultations connected to customs clearance.
Due to a wide network of correspondents located in Europe and especially in Italy, SC Tirofol SRL offers to its customers a large range of door-to-door services, performing weekly departures and arrivals at all destination points in the European Union.

Our services are available in every populated area, for exclusive and general cargo transported by tent, refrigerator and all-metal trailers and semi-trailers of all sizes and carrying capacities, for any type of cargo.

The high professionalism of our employees provides the eventually complete and safe service, which involves the whole forwarding process, from loading to delivery, giving our customers a possibility of sleeping easily.
Transportation of out-of-gauge and hazardous cargo means the transportation of non-standard goods: very long, very big, very wide, etc. The difficulty of such good securing is specific to their transportation. Moreover, this cargo is often non-demountable. The out-of-gauge cargo is often transported by cars with drop frames, large trailers or special equipment for oversize cargo transportation.

Many different obstacles, for instance low power lines and bridges, unsafe parts of road, poor condition of roads, etc. can be encountered during the transportation. However, the forwarding company has to settle these issues before arranging the transportation of out-of-gauge cargo. Many problems can be settled by choosing a right route and making up a detailed schedule of out-of-gauge cargo transportation. It is worth keeping in mind that preparation of documents is required for out-of-gauge cargo transportation and this process takes a week or some months depending on the degree of cargo bulkiness and route.

The Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company is therefore ready to arrange for you the out-of-gauge cargo transportation at top level.

The cargo carriage is seldom connected to transportation of hazardous cargo. There are cargo hazard classes up to 9 ADR. The conditions of such cargo transportation require special safety measures and extreme care during the loading and transportation. The failure to comply with the requirements set can create situations hazardous for a big number of people and for the ecological state of many areas. The service of hazardous cargo transportation is a quite responsible part of our service and every professional forwarding agent strictly classifies the hazardous cargo types as it realizes that the errors in this sphere are inadmissible.
Do you transport the cargo from other continent? Does the cargo arrive onboard of a ship or plain? Do you need the cargo to be delivered to the point of destination by motor vehicle?

The Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company will load your cargo at the right time and will deliver it to the right place within a short period of time. Even if the cargo has to cross many borders, our company will tackle your problem without any hesitation and will transport the cargo in the best possible way.

The Tirofol SRL Forwarding Company fulfills the tasks of any complexity and transports cargos of any class. You have just to apply to us and tell what cargo and where we should deliver it.
When delivering exclusive cargo our company pays special attention to the express delivery service. This type of transport has been designed to carry out deliveries from Moldova to Italy and back within 24/48 hours. For this purpose we use vans having the volume of 15 to 40 cubic m with prompt shipment and subsequent delivery to the destination point. A part of vehicles is equipped with special equipment for transporting clothes on the hangers.

Each driver has a SIMTRAVEL international SIM card, it provides permanent GPS tracking of your cargo location.
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