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The trade company "Tirofol SRL" has its activity on the transport services market and expeditions in the early of 2004.

In step with the years we have grown into a modern and dynamic company offering a wide range of transport services in the European trucking.

Following the requirements of our customers currently are the weighted carriage to and from Italy.
Our fleet trucks with tarp and thermo-insulated, 12-40m.c. small volume and large 86-120m.c. of property and allocated.

We have strengthened relationships with more than 100 partners in the areas of shipping and customs brokers, owners of the small and large firms of transport in Moldova and the European Community.

With the rich experience in organizing the transport of goods, having close relations with other transport companies, we can organize any transport problem in optimal terms with moderate prices.

Addressing our staff you will always receive a complete set of services to transport Your goods to the international standards of quality:

• Personal approach for each client;
• Focus on finish long collaboration with each client;
• Processing customer's request as soon as possible;
• Selecting optimal delivery depending on customer requirements, providing detailed price;
• The information of the client in real time about the situation of the cargo in the process of transportation;
• Strict observance of agreed delivery terms;
• Discounts for regular shipments, depending on the volume of the transported goods;
• Flexible Payment Systems.

The knowledge and experience of our employees to plan and organize your transport goods in the most efficient and timely manner, always ensuring best results, is the basis and guarantee of mutually beneficial cooperation.
so many years we are with you
technologically advanced and fast cars at your disposal
orders throughout Europe
professionals in our team
Our fleet
(most capacious)
(transportation of products)
(keeps constant temperature)
Open platform
(transportation of transport)
(maximum use of space)
Suitable for the transport of most goods. Ticketing allows loading from above and from the side.
Loading capacity: 20-25 tons.
Effective volume: 60-92 m³.
Capacity: 22-33 euro pallets.
Suitable for the transport of most types of perishable goods and goods with specific storage conditions: from + 25 ° С to -25 ° С.
Loading capacity: 12-22 tons.
Effective volume: 60-92 m³.
Capacity: 24-33 euro pallets.
Can hold a certain temperature for a long time.
Loading capacity: 3-25 tons.
Effective volume: 32-92 m³.
Capacity: 6-33 euro pallets.
It is used for transportation of cargoes that are resistant to external weather conditions. It can also be used to transport oversized equipment.
Loading capacity: 15-20 tons.
Semi-trailer more capacity. This is achieved by a special L-shaped floor and reduced diameter of the wheels of the semi-trailer.
Load capacity: up to 20 tons.
Useful volume: 96-125 m³.
Capacity: 33 euro pallets.
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